Vista Valley Country Club Executive Chef

About Our Executive Chef

Vista Valley Country Club’s Executive Chef, Marissa Gerlach, worked her way through celebrated Sonoma and Napa kitchens, working besides Chef Douglas Keane at Cyrus, named one of the top 10 chefs of Food and Wine Magazine, 2010 and in Napa Valley, where she worked in the kitchen at The Restaurant at Meadowood, a restaurant with a rating of Three Michelin Stars! At the age of 26, Chef Gerlach returned to her hometown to become the Chef De Cuisine at the Ritz Carlton, Laguna Niguel , which was named Restaurant of the Year by Rivera Magazine in 2011.

Vista Valley Country Club will now benefit from Chef Gerlach’s expertise where she brings with her all of her accumulated experience from working at award winning restaurants and for award winning chefs! Chef Gerlach knows, understands and embraces the food and family experience. She was raised to eat dinner every night as a family with everyone at the table, focusing on each other and enjoying delicious food. She never wanted to miss her mother’s amazing cooking. Fast food was never an option!

Once Gerlach became a teenager she realized that her mother wasn’t always going to be there to cook for her. That is what sparked her deep interest in food, agriculture and the history of cuisine, which helps her today as she strives to use freshly grown ingredients in all of her creations. She loves to cook and make people happy through her food. She welcomes the exciting opportunity to lead the Vista Valley team to prepare and serve seasonal farm to table cuisine.